As a parent I never know exactly how my kids might react in certain situations. As my kids have gotten older their reactions have become a lot more predictable, tainted with sarcasm, embarrassment and the rolling of eyes. There was a time when my son was a lot like this little fellow, concerned with the unlikely and improbable only to see his worst fears come true.

If you can imagine something as benign as racing  rolls of tape  down a sloping driveway becoming a reason for tears and torment. Who knows what happens in the mind of a child? All I know is my kids help me see the world in a way I never imagined or forgot how to look. If you were to ask a kid what time it was, he would say "Now" because that's the only time that matters. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all go back to being kids again and living for the moment as it was happening instead being fearful about tomorrow ? If you're a parent you will totally understand.