My son is 13 and is coming into his own. That's a nice way of saying he is "learning" how to be a teenager. However, he is still very kind (mostly) and loves his momma (just not in public). He has also become very aware of the way he looks and has decided he needs to "get in shape."

He has been begging me to teach him some of the exercises I learned when I did the training sessions with Jesse "The Whip-slinger." Jesse really whipped me, Krista, Bruce and Jude into shape a couple of years ago. Since Jesse is off getting his higher education degree, I opted for the Wii Fit. My first experience is chronicled HERE and was less than enjoyable. But I am so incredibly proud of my young man. He hasn't let his momma be a couch potato. We have made it fun and he is motivating me to keep moving. I encourage those of you who want to get moving or keep moving to get a buddy. In the meantime, thanks Big C. Momma loves you!