Without fail, my son will tell you that his favorite food is gumbo. Next to Christmas, his favorite event is the Rice Capitol Championship Gumbo Cookoff. He asks me every year when it is. I buy him a $5 wrist band and turn him loose. Cher little man, he is in roux heaven! Imagine his utter delight when I told him it's next weekend. And, my friends, it is well worth a trip from wherever you are to downtown Crowley. Now, if you can COOK a good gumbo, you might want to consider entering the competition. It's fierce and these folks take their culinary skills seriously, so beware! But it is also a whole lot of fun. Each team decorates their areas and there are some mighty creative souls in Acadia Parish. They know how to cook and they know how to have a good time. Allow me to brag a bit. My brother Nick Myers will be on stage at 11 to entertain the masses. If you look on drums,  you'll see my other brother Chris (bet you thought I was gonna say Darrell). I have 5 brothers, by the way, but only two in this band. They are very good. I'm a bit biased but I do believe you will agree. Then at about 12:30, The Bayou Boys take the stage with their Gumbo Zydeco show. If you've never seen it, you are in for a treat in more ways than one! They actually cook a gumbo while they play great tune. It is something to see! My good friends Chris Foreman and David Varisco (wearing his Delcambre Reeboks) and their buddies do an awesome job. So come on down to the rice capitol and eat well. I've already put in an order with Dave Baker for the gumbo weather.