It seems as if U.S. Highway 90 is always under construction somewhere. This time the construction is going to mean a better safer roadway for motorist who use Highway 90 between Lafayette and the Iberia Parish line.

Construction is set to begin on 57 million dollar project that will widen highway 90 from four lanes to six lanes from Albertsons Parkway to Ambassador Caffery Parkway. This is part of a plan to upgrade the roadway to Interstate standards as part the ultimate Interstate 49 extension.

Deidra Druilhet spokes person for the Louisiana Departement of Transportation and Development says,

"You're going to have improved highway safety, you're going to have congestion relief, enhanced emergency evacuation and it also allows for the opportunity of job growth."

Those comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network.

Druilhet also says that motorist might encounter some delays on the roadway during the construction phase which is expected to last about 3 years. However, the roadway will remain open to traffic during this time.

"We've worked very closely with the traffic engineers and our design team and just about everyone involved in this project, to make sure that any traffic impacts would be as minimal as possible."

Highway 90 not only is an important artery for evacuations during hurricanes but serves the nation as major route in the movement of oil and gas products and equipment to the offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.