At my age when people mention "Bond", it is more likely they are talking about "Gold Bond" and not "James Bond". But still the thought of beautiful women, fast cars and very little chaffing and itching still appeals to me. I bet the life of a secret agent might appeal to you too. There is a way you can cavort around the globe just like 007!

The public is intrigued by secrets, secret people, and secret undertakings” that “create the sense of an underground or hidden world,” says Peter Earnest, executive director of the International Spy Museum and a former CIA senior operations officer. He says Bond epitomizes that world, one in which the tools and techniques of the spy trade intrigue us just as much as the spies themselves.

Oh to have lunch in Paris and dinner in Berlin and then wake up half a world away beneath the Indian Ocean in a private submarine it may all be dreams that only the movies can make come true. Well as long as I have a few bucks and a box of popcorn I can dream right along with James, his women and those nasty bad guys who never seem to kill him.