"Working out on a treadmill is fun" said no one ever. Treadmill workouts have got to be the most boring in the gym. Unless you are this lady who has found a way to make her time on the treadmill invigorating and energizing. She sure seems to be enjoying herself and not really bothering anyone else, or is she?

If this lady was working out in the gym next to you on a treadmill would you say she needs to stop or would you say, good for you? Gym etiquette is now a big part of working out. Since so many gyms don't really have supervision it is up to the patrons to keep the peace.

I personally wouldn't mind if this lady was on the treadmill next to me. I might even join her in making my walk a lot less boring. I would however ban the meat-head jocks that insist on giving you pointers on how to use the machines. If I wanted a trainer, I would hire a trainer.

What do you do to make your exercise time more fun and less of a chore? Your reply could keep someone else motivated to achieve their fitness goals so don't be shy share the love and keep moving.