Dave Baker said it on the Bruce and the Kennel Club show yesterday morning. He suggested that Tropical Depression #2 was about to encounter a hostile environment for tropical systems and as usual, Dave was right.

Yesterday morning the National Hurricane Center released a briefing on the system and said that TD#2 had dissipated . The very weak and small system had moved westward toward the Lesser Antilles and was now encountering a strong vertical wind shear. These strong upper level winds basically ripped the thunderstorms away from the center of circulation and in fact disrupted the circulation so much the system fell apart.

The current Hurricane Center synopsis suggests that this system will not regenerate at least anytime over the next 48 hours as conditions in the area will remain unfavorable for tropical development. As Dave Baker suggested on our program yesterday the effects of the El Nino weather pattern are now starting to be felt across the tropical Atlantic basin and this could squelch development of tropical systems through out the entire hurricane season.