We are closing in on the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season. History tells us the dog days of August and Early September are prime time for tropical storms and hurricanes to form in the Atlantic.

This time of year is known as the Cape Verde season because so many tropical waves push off the west coast of Africa and spin up into tropical cyclones near the Cape Verde Islands. Tropical Depression is just such a storm system. It started over the African continent and in time might become our next named tropical system. If it does earn a name it will called Dorian.

What do forecasters think the path of TD4 will be? To be honest this system is still many days away from being close to any land mass.The tropical forecast models indicate a westward movement for the next week or so.  During these coming days forecasters will begin to get a much better picture of just how strong the system might get and where it might go. As always we will keep you ahead of the storm on 97.3 The Dawg.