If you live in South Louisiana for more than 10 minutes you start to get sense about hurricanes and tropical storms. They are kind of like snakes, you want to know where they are at all times. Tropical Storm Dorian is still days away from even getting close to any of the far eastern islands much less a major landfall. We still want to know where it is and where the forecasters think it might go.

The system is still far out in the Atlantic and is slow churning its way westward. The forecast track from the National Hurricane Center does bring the system into the islands of the Bahamas by early next week. The forecast models are showing significant disagreement in their predicted tracks. Several of the  models take the system north in the Bahamas while other models suggest the system will pass south of Hispanola and enter the Caribbean Sea.

Will Dorian make it in to the Gulf of Mexico? If I could tell you that right now I would be sitting on a big old pile of money and driving a nicer car. We are still in wait and see mode as far as the actual track of the system goes and more importantly the intensity of the storm. The good news is we have  plenty of time to think through any preparations should they become necessary. In the meantime, enjoy the Louisiana Outdoor Expo this weekend as we have no worries in our immediate future.