As you wake up this Labor Day morning, be grateful if you have the day off. A day like today with gusty winds and spitting rain would make it very difficult to get from the car to the office with your wardrobe intact. Tropical Storm Lee , now classified as a tropical depression,is now on its way out of Acadiana. We all saw a lot of rainfall and there is some flooding still to deal with. So what is next tropically speaking? It looks as if Hurricane Katia will miss the entire East Coast and stay out to sea. The long range forecast models aren't picking up anything that looks too ominous in the near future so maybe we can regroup and drain a little bit before the next tropical episode. 

 Dave Baker's 8 day forecast from KATC is looking really nice for the next couple of days with sunshine and cooler temperatures. Let's hope our visit with "Lee" will be our only taste of the tropics this season. Just so you don't run out of things to worry about, we haven't even hit the peak of the hurricane season yet, that happens September 10th.