My friend and famous weather man the late Floyd Cormier once told me a story of his youth. He told me of how a beautiful day early August 1940 exploded into a full blown hurricane. If I recall Crowley received over 30 inches of rain in that storm.

That was back in the day when nobody knew a hurricane was coming. Flash forward to 2012 and not only can we see with  our eyes in the sky into the far off oceans, we can fairly accurately predict where these dangerous storms will be crossing the coast.


That being said even with today's advancements in weather forecasting we still have no idea where Tropical Storm Ernesto will eventually wind up.

The most reliable hurricane forecast models are split on what they anticipate the path of the storm will be. The Hurricane Center is hedging their bets and playing a track right down the middle of the model consensus.


What does that mean for you and I? It means simply we go over our plans, we make sure we have supplies on hand should that plan be called into action and then we wait. Even if the forecast models come to a conclusion of a northern Gulf Coast landfall we are still almost a week away from that occurring. Stay close to 97.3 The Dawg on the air, make sure you have our smartphone app RadioPup loaded on  your smartphone and keep watching this website for current information.

There has also been another named system to form in the Tropical Atlantic basin. This storm is located off the coast of Africa and is named Florence. This system is well out to sea and poses no imminent threat to any land area.