There is an eerie quiet and calm over the tropical waters of the Atlantic Basin this Labor Day. It is highly unusual for the hurricane season to go this long without an actual hurricane forming. That is the case this year. We have had tropical storms but no hurricanes.

As we hit the high point of tropical activity we do see something to pay attention to. Not to be alarmed about but to be aware of. That would be a tropical wave that is just on the eastern edge of the Caribbean Sea. The National Hurricane Center has given this area of convection a 40% probability of becoming a tropical cyclone within the next 48 hours.

The computer forecast models are in fairly good agreement that this system should continue to move to the west northwest and will most likely effect the islands of the Bahamas by the latter stages of this week. Could this system strengthen and move into the Gulf of Mexico? It certainly bears watching so that is what we will do for you over the next few days.