A tropical trough of low pressure is centered just off the Louisiana coastline. Another tropical wave could become an issue for the Northern Gulf of Mexico states by the middle of next week. A potential tropical trouble spot might threaten the Outer Banks of North Carolina over the next few days. A tropical storm, Gaston, could reach hurricane strength by later today. See, we told you the tropics were busy.

Let's take care of the possible Louisiana threats first. The trough of low pressure 100 miles or so south of the Louisiana coast is expected to continue to move westward toward Texas. Forecasters with the National Hurricane Center do not give this system much of chance to be anything more than a rainmaker. The probability of tropical cyclone formation over the next five days is only 10%.

INVEST 99L has certainly captured a lot of our attention over the past week and will be worth watching into the upcoming week. As of the 2 AM advisory from the Hurricane Center the tropical wave continued to be very weak. Forecasters have actually lowered the probability that the system could become a tropical cyclone over the next five days. Currently forecasters are suggesting there is only a 40% probability over the next five days that 99L could strengthen to a tropical depression or named tropical storm.

We still suggest that you check back with us through out the weekend for updates on this particular system. Tropical systems have been known to fire up rather quickly over the warm waters of the Gulf and it does appear that this system could be in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico by early next week.

Tropical Storm Gaston should become Hurricane Gaston by later today or early Sunday. The projected path of Gaston will keep it out to see and away from all land interest in the foreseeable future.

An area of disturbed weather currently located near Bermuda is expected to move in a westerly direction toward the North Carolina coast over the coming days. Forecasters are keeping the chances for development of this system, INVEST 91L, fairly minimal. Forecasters give this system a 30% probability to develop into a tropical cyclone over the next 5 days.