The photo of a white Ford pick up truck seen in surveillance video might just give investigators the break they need to bring Mickey Shunick home. At least one Lafayette resident believes this is the same truck that she encountered about two months ago. According to a broadcast news report, Natasha Patterson, a Lafayette resident said she was stopped while riding her bicycle on South College about two pm by a man driving a truck that fit the same description.

According Patterson the man driving the truck offered her a ride, which she accepted. During the course of the ride the man allegedly offered Patterson money in exchange for sex. She refused the offer. She told authorities that the man let her out of the truck at the corner of South College and Johnston without incident.

Patterson described the driver as a man, heavy set in build and in his late 50's or 60's. She also told authorities he told her he liked to ride around town and try to pick up pretty girls. As of this writing there has been no official connection of this incident with the Mickey Shunick case however authorities are acting upon this information as a credible lead.

Anyone with information about the case of the pickup truck is encouraged to call the tips line at 337-291-8633 or Crime Stoppers at 337-232-TIPS.