Jamie Oliver is a well known TV Chef. He wants you and I and our children to eat better. He tried this experiment on his TV show Food Revolution and it failed in an epic way.

The point of the experiment was to demonstrate to kids how chicken nuggets are made. The chef painstakingly trimmed a fresh chicken. He pointed out the breasts, the wings, the legs and thighs and then showed the kids what was left.

Most of the kids thought the remaining chicken carcass was good for nothing but trash. That was until Jamie ground it up, flavored it and fried it. Then the pink mess of gelatinous goo became chicken nuggets. The kids switched their opinion 180 degrees and asked the chef if they could have some to eat.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry about this. It is funny that the chef got a egg on his face, but it's sad that our kids will knowingly eat what they were calling garbage a few minutes earlier if it is presented in a friendly shape.

What do you think? After watching this would you ever feed chicken nuggets to your children? Or is this a case of much a do about nothing?