From the mouth of Tracy Wirtz - I've admitted it repeatedly! I love to watch television!!! I'm not a fan of reality TV or sitcoms. They just don't trip my trigger. But the cop shows, Grey's Anatomy and it's spinoff, MANY of the cable network shows that play during the "off" season... the list is VERY long. My DVR is full all the time! And it looks like there are some really good options coming out this fall. WOOHOO! Some new prospects. And here are five of them that peaked my curiosity and will make it to the DVR scheduler.



PanAm on ABC:

I still remember when little girls wanted to be stewardesses. The previews are just totally cool. ABC does a good job of selling this one so I'm gonna give it a try. Who hasn't dreamed of being a jet-setter?

Unforgettable on CBS

Two words... Poppy Montgomery. OK... so that doesn't mean much to you. In this particular series, she's a red head. For those of you who were "Without a Trace" fans, she was the pretty blond. I just liked her cool demeanor and the fact that she LOOKED fragile but was one tough chick! And the foundation for this series is that she is one of like 6 people in the world who remembers EVERYTHING she sees EVERYDAY. That would make me crazier than I already am but it will make for a great... wait for it... COP SHOW!!! Woohoo!

Person of Interest on CBS

This is another one I'm giving a chance because of the casting. Jim Caviezel is in this one (and I'm sure I spelled his name wrong). (He played Jesus in "The Passion" movie I won't watch because I would cry myself into dehydration.) I really like him. I haven't quite figure out what this one is about exactly but it is reminiscent of the movie "Wanted" but I could be way off base. It just looks interesting. And I've got plenty of room on my DVR!

Once Upon A Time on ABC

C'mon! It's a great title! While my cohort doesn't like to watch or read anything that's not real, I conversely LOVE to watch anything fantastical. I have enough REAL in my life. I want some imagination, pretend, whatever in my life! And this one looks like a cinemagraphic challenge. The editing is going to be great!!! (OK, my geek is showing.) Check out the previews. AND it's got parental ties to "Lost" which I never got into but heard was really awesome. I'm not gonna miss this opportunity!

Charlie's Angels on ABC

OOOOMMMMMGGGGG!!!!! I'm not sure I can say anything else. I was such a huge fan of the original and I usually don't like messing up the original but, hey, it's CHARLIE'S ANGELS! I'm super-duper excited.