Sports announcers, there are some you love and there are some  you love to hate. For example we love our New Orleans Saints radio crew, they are informative, witty and entertaining. The comes the Fox Sports NFL crew that covers the Saints on television. This bunch of airbags comes equipped with a total anti-Saint bias that can be smelled from three states away.

This pair of announcers we feature here aren't calling a football game. They are on the court for the pregame of a college basketball contest. That is when the law of gravity decides that it's time to write a citation. Wow! Falling off your stool on live TV in front of a national audience. I can't think of anything more embarrassing than that.

Wait, there was that TV commercial we did a few months ago. So what's your most embarrassing moment captured on video? If you share it with us we promise to laugh only at the funny parts!