Do you remember what kind of van the members of TV's A-Team piled into when they went out on their special operations? What kind of car did Jim Rockford drive in The Rockford Files? You might remember those but how about this one, what kind of car did Mindy from Mork and Mindy drive? If you knew the answer to any of these question then at least one of the following statements is true about you. You are a car fancier. You were a couch potato when you were a kid watched way to much television. Would you like to drive down memory lane and see some of these great cars from these iconic television shows? 

I have always loved the Monkee mobile, then again I really love the whole GTO thing. I think they quit making those about the time I finally started making enough money to buy one. So what TV star car did you wish you had as a kid? Yeah those rides from Miami Vice look pretty interesting!