UL Police are investigating a reported shooting of a student Sunday night in front of Dupré library on campus. Police believe the student was shot with a BB gun.

The student, Brandon Verret, called 911 at around 8:27pm, approximately two minutes after being shot in the hand. Coincidentally, Verret heads the Student Government Association's safety committee, and said he feels lucky that he wasn't struck somewhere else on the body.

"It felt a little bit like a paintball gun at first," said Verret.

He told police that the shot that hit him was one of three shots that came from the vehicle that passed him on E. St. Mary Blvd. Verret said that two female were present in front of the library and may have seen the shooting.

Verret said that after composing himself, he watched the vehicle turn from St. Mary onto Rex St., at which point he says that he heard an additional three shots.

UP spokesperson Sgt. Billy Abrams verified that a report of the shooting had been made.

"In regards to the incident that occurred last night, the case is currently under investigation, witnesses have been interviewed and leads are being investigated," Abrams said. "It's been several years since we had a report of any incident involving a BB gun."

Anyone with any information on the incident should call University Police at (337) 482-6447.