Friday afternoon I went with a couple of friends to Houston to go see Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan in concert. The drive to Houston was its usual uneventful trip except for one little incident between Orange Texas and Beaumont.

If you have driven that route on I-10 you know the road has a lot of construction and the lanes are narrow. Naturally narrow lanes, lots of traffic and a high speed roadway make the perfect place to apply eye make up. That's what one lady was doing! She was talking on her cellphone, applying eye liner and attempting to drive.

Needless to say that brought about a discussion in the car of what is the strangest thing you have seen another driver doing?

It's one thing to snag a few french fries on the way home but to go full Chinese take out with chopsticks while attempting to drive, really takes the cake. It's time for you to share your stories of traffic terror, what really unsafe activity have you witnessed from another driver?