I have already gone on record speaking for myself and my gender in this very forum on my feelings for Valentines Day. I love romance, I love love and I enjoy the company of a loving companion, that's why I have a dog. It turns out that I and all of the other men I know have been wrong in our feelings for this day of love. We don't HATE it, we FEAR it! That's what the experts say. I will tell you why in a second but guys the good news! If ever you were going to break the ice with that girl you always wanted to break the ice with, this is the weekend to do it!

“"If there's ever a time for men to shed their shyness, Valentine's Day is it. It takes much less than men expect for women to feel appreciated, and every gesture gets bonus points on Valentine's Day. At the very least smile at a woman you've never met before, she'll think cupid's taking aim and may strike up a conversation."

So if you read further you will find that the reason men say they fear Valentines is rejection and the reason Women fear Valentines is they might not have anyone they can reject? I'm confused, you read on and tell me what you get out of this!