It's summer time, and a lot of Acadiana folks head out west for vacation - waaaaay out west - Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada! With the help of our friends at, we have compiled a list of must see must do activities in Sin City. FYI - I love Las Vegas, and go there every chance I get, so maybe I'll throw in a few suggestions of my own.

My #1 - Visit the Neon Boneyard, also known as the Neon Museum. This is where all the vintage and historic signs of yesterday go to be refurbished and renewed. It's like stepping back in time to see the Stardust, Caesar's Palace, and Horsehoe signs as they were when mobsters ran the town. It's totally awesome, but you need to schedule a tour to get the full effect.

My #2 - The National Atomic Testing Museum. This place is awesome, and way more historic than you might think. It is run by the Smithsonian Institute, and has one of the coolest gift shops around. The tour puts you right in the middle of a nuclear bomb going off (simulated) and it's very unsettling to think this is what Nevada residents lived with back in the 50's. Don;t miss it, if you can tear yourselves away from the slot machines.

Check out the rest of the list of 'don't miss' things to do in Las Vegas, and have fun, ya'll - see ya on the Strip!