A Walmart employee was fired for trying to do the right thing.

Carla Cheney was a pharmacy tech at a Walmart in Kemptville, in Ontario, Canada. On Tuesday, as she was walking into work, she noticed a customer leaving their dog in the car with the windows almost all the way up, even though it was really hot outside.

She was in her street clother, not her Walmart uniform, and told the guy not to leave his dog in the car. He proceeded to tell her it was none of her business! So Carla called the cops. (Good for you, girl!)

When the police showed up they went in the store to talk to the guy. The next day, Carla was fired!

Her manager told her she violated company policy by calling the police. She was supposed to tell HIM, and then he would decide if the cops needed to be involved in the matter. Walmart's Canadian corporate office stood by his decision.

Yes, common sense has left the building.