I realize this is a big bold statement that I have written at the top of this piece. Change Your Day and Maybe Your Life. However, I truly believe that if you answer my three questions honestly each day you will find you are closer to finding that inner peace that we all crave.

The problem as I see it with our lives is this. We always have somebody else telling us what to think about and when to think about it. We don't take a moment for ourselves to feed our own soul with the kind of nourishment it needs to sustain us through all the cow poop that life flings into the fan that is our lives.

These questions aren't hard and there is no wrong answer, except not having an answer. If you don't have an answer, go seek that answer and good things will come to you. After all what you think about is what you bring about, if you think about good things then good things come to you. Are you ready?


Question 1: Who did I love today? Start listing all the people that you genuinely loved today. It's probably your family, your spouse, your kids, maybe a close friend or a person that moved away from you physically but you still have a connection to.  Note, the question is "who did I love" not "who loved me" turning the question around will lead you down a path of self centered loneliness so don't do that.


Question 2: What did I learn today? They used to tell you that in grade school, learn something new everyday and it still applies. Maybe this piece that your reading right now will be the new thing you learned. Learning is growing and growing is life. When we stop growing and yearning to learn we die. Don't die. Learn something, how to plant a flower, how to call the radio station and make a request, how to put paper in the printer, how to order coffee at one of those fancy places. Every day is a new day to know more, to grow more.


Question 3: What made me laugh today? I hope every once in a while Jude and I can be the answer to that question but if we aren't today then what did make you laugh? Was it a story told by a friend? Was it a cute puppy or giggling child? Did you crack up laughing about how lucky you were avoiding that speed van or red light camera?  There are always reasons to laugh but sometimes we have to dig through the horse manure of life to find them. They are there and they are worth finding because laughing is the breeze that fans the flames of joy within us.

I would love to take credit for all this wisdom but I can't, I learned these great questions and 32 others in an article I found on Forbes Magazine's website. The original piece is by Jason Nazar and I think all of the questions that Jason asks are simply brilliant. So go read them all and let me know how these three questions work for you.