Acadiana's own Atlantic Nashville recording artist Hunter Hayes not only got his first #1 song for 'Wanted', but also recently got to celebrate selling over 2 million copies of his hit song. That is a pretty big deal, folks, and it doesn't always happen that way for brand new country artists, especially when that number is almost up to 3 million right now!

"I've never known anything but music," he said. "It blows me away that my parents let me move to Nashville [from Louisiana] and moved with me. ... The big thing to me was getting introduced to songwriters I respected. . . . One of the first things I learned from them was that there's no 'right way' to write a song. You just write it.

We'll be looking for Hunter Feb 10 at the Grammy Awards, and hope he gets to pick up some trophies for the 3 categories he's nominated in. (Best New Artist for all formats, Best Country Album, and Best Country Solo Performance).

Congrats to Hunter - your home town is very, very proud of you!