It's August and all summer long the waters of the Tropical Atlantic, Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico have been baking in the warm sunshine. Warm sea surface temperatures are a big player in the fact that August into early September is the most active time for tropical development.

That's why the formation of Tropical Storm Ernesto Thursday was no big surprise for anyone who lives with a hurricane kit in their home. As of early Friday morning Ernesto wasn't that organized of a system. Forecasters do think the storm system will eventually begin to get better organized and become stronger over the weekend. The current forecast track from the Hurricane Center suggest a westward motion for the next several days with an eventual curve to the northwest late in the forecast period.

This is the time for residents of Acadiana to review and restock their hurricane kits with fresh batteries and supplies. It is too early in the forecast for anyone to say for sure that Ernesto will affect our part of the coast but it isn't to early to be ready in case we are called to action late next week.