We are no strangers to water on the roadway here in Acadiana. With many parts of the region receiving over 3 inches of rain already it's probably time to review the common sense practices of wet weather driving.




Allow more time to arrive alive: This is one you can do rather easily. If you need to be at work or school by a certain time, give yourself an extra amount time to get there. Your path of travel may not be directly affected by rising waters but there could be more congestion on the roadway as other travelers go around high water. This not only allows you to drive at a slower pace, it reduces your stress about being late.

Drive slower, allow more stopping distance: We all know about the dangers of hydroplaning. It is one of the most frightening experiences any driver will ever have. The simple way to avoid this situation is to slow down. You will also need to give your vehicle more stopping distance and more distance between your vehicle and the vehicle up ahead. Wet roadways making stopping difficult, a few more feet of cushion is a small price to pay considering how much your insurance rates would go up because of a crash.

Don't use your Cruise Control: Cruise control is a nice feature, especially on the open road but the use of cruise control could create an issue on very wet roads. We suggest using your own "personal feel " for the road. That way you will notice if and when your car starts to hydroplane or lose traction.

Drying Your Wet Brakes: If you must run through a puddle and it creates a splash around your tires and on your windshield your brakes could be wet too. We suggest you tap your brakes a couple of times after each puddle to help shake off some of the excess water. This will help the brake system dry out and be ready for stopping the next time you apply the brakes.

Turn Your Headlights On: In Louisiana if the windshield wipers are on your headlights must be turned on. This means the full headlight system, not just the daytime running lamps. This makes you and your vehicle more visible in misty conditions. It makes the roadways safer. Turn your headlights on so others can see you coming.

These are just some driving tips we found to be helpful. If you have other suggestions or have come across water on the road way or hazardous driving conditions please share that information with us via our Facebook page, Twitter or by calling the studio line at 337-261-9797