'Tis the season to get stung, you can fa la la la la if you want to. I hate getting bit and stung, it's my least favorite part of warm weather. If you have kids you know about mystery bites from bugs and other critters. Knowing what caused the problem is the beginning of the solution.

Just a short walk in my backyard I would imagine I could be attacked and eaten by fire ants, wasps, bees, mosquitoes, some kind of really annoying fly and a number of beetles, caterpillars and non traditional religious advocates.

Let's assume you are like me and after mowing the yard or chasing the dog outside you return to the comfort of your home only to find a red whelp expanding on one of your extremities. Knowing what to do with what ever that is could mean instant comfort as opposed to hours of itching and scratching.

We've found a nice photo slide show from the folks at WebMd to help you figure out what sank its fangs into your tender flesh. Make sure you know what to have on hand for that next camping trip, backyard barbecue or trip to the ball park.