If ever there was a sound that could be described as Monday, this would be that sound. Monday is a tough day for a lot of us. It's a return to work, school, and other chores that don't seem nearly as fun as relaxing for the weekend. The Saints didn't win and the Cajuns didn't either. Thank goodness LSU scheduled a patsy this week so at least one of our teams could show up in the win column.

This particular Monday is wet and dreary too. The good news is the wet and dreary will give way to some wonderful fall like weather later in the week. The good thing about Mondays is that once they get started they seem to fly by. Especially when you've got the chance to win free concert tickets and free money with the Dawg Pound Sound game! So turn your speakers up and sing the song of Monday with this sheep. I promise you will feel better if you do.