We will probably see it on our TV's tomorrow, some family sifting through the remains of what used to be their home. A home destroyed by a tornado or fire or some other awful disaster. The person on camera will thank God they are alright and that everyone is safe, Amen. But what priceless items have perished from this world only to live forever in their memory. We asked you what you cherished the most on facebook. You of course want family and friends at the top of the list but some of the other items you listed literally brought tears to my eyes. There were flags from funerals of men who gave all to their country, there were family Bibles and engagement rings. You mentioned pictures of children who are now full grown and momentos made by the hands of babies at daycare. A Christening Gown worn by generations, a rubber duck sent from a mother a child has yet to meet. These truly are the treasure