New research shows you can't buy love on Valentine's Day. Answering the age-old question, "What do women want?" a new survey reveals that most women want one special Valentine's gift that costs nothing. This is certainly good news for relationships in a bad economy. Women are saying, "Don't buy me a gift, please." What most women want for Valentine's Day this year is rest and relaxation, a one day pass to put their feet up, while their man does the chores and/or childcare.

  • 72% of women want a day off from housework and/or childcare
  • 14% of women want a special plan for dinner
  • 9% of women want a gift
  • 5% of women want sex

So I decided to do a little in-house survey to see if this survey was legit. Out of 22 ladies here at Townsquare Media, 14 gave answers that support the survey. The top three answers were....

  • A nice meal that he plans and cooks for me
  • He plans time for us to be together alone
  • Do the dishes and watch the kids for one night

Less popular answers included dinners at a resturant, weekends away, and bought items. One 23-year-old stated, "just something nice that HE plans out, a surprise home cooked dinner, maybe a little handwritten note from him about how he feels. It doesn't have to be elaborate, just something that he puts a little thought into!" So there you go guys, don't spend lots of money on jewelry or flowers, just take some time to plan something special for her and she will be happier than ever.