In a little over two weeks the Class of 2013 will be unleashed on the world. My son Jack is among those graduating this year. I am very proud of Jack. I know you are proud of your graduate as well.

That is why I wanted to seek your advice on what we might say to these young people as they step out into a world that neither your nor I could have ever imagined so many years ago when we graduated high school.

I would be most honored if you would share your thoughts with me so that I might share with Jack and the rest of Acadiana's Class of 2013. Please make a comment, either on this website, via Facebook or send me an e-mail. It can be serious, funny, heartwarming, sincere or foreboding. This is your chance at the podium with an open microphone to say what you think these young people might need to hear.

If you'd like to mention the name of your graduate that would be totally awesome too. You and I have been waking up together on the radio for the past 17 years. Together you have helped me raise my family. I am eternally grateful for your kindness, compassion and contributions to the many discussions we've had on parenthood over the years. I would be honored if you could help me write this story for Jack and all the fine young people that will be etched in history as The Class of 2013.