I mentioned on the 973 The Dawg Facebook Fan Page that I had an imaginary friend growing up. His name was Elephant Bell. Normal last name, first name not so common but an extraordinary friend needed a strong name. Elephant Bell and I would spend countless hours together climbing trees. You mentioned that you had imaginary friends too and you guys did some crazy things as well. So what do the experts think about us and our imaginary friends, is it a good thing or sign that therapy is looming in our future. I think I would like to meet Buster the Bull and have a race at the dinner table or maybe Mick that swims in the light fixtures of the bathroom.  I believe kids need to know that they will sometimes have to count on friends they can't see and parents that aren't right by their side. It's a growing thing I guess. There are many days when I long to be sitting high atop a swaying oak tree discussing life and sharing dreams with Elephant Bell instead of working on budgets, paying bills or wondering if Mr. Walker is ever going to release the Lafayette High Band kids from practice. Good Ol' Elephant Bell, he never let me down and he was always there to listen to me, to share in the innocent joy of just being a part of a brand new day. Just like you guys are for me in the morning everyday. So on behalf of my buddy Elephant Bell, I thank you for that.