Computers can do just about anything these days. They can run our air conditioners at home and help cook our food. They can defeat our brightest minds at Jeopardy! and now they can tell us who is most likely to score at the end of the evening. Score as in score, not like in basketball. That's right a man's first name has a lot to do with how prolific he will be with the ladies. Now we offer these numbers for entertainment purposes but if your name is at the top of the list, I think you will find it a lot more entertaning that if your  name is at the bottom. Like mine is.

We conduct unique surveys as part of our ‘Smartdate Labs’ research where engage with our users to understand how we can enhance the user experience and we often discover interesting trends,” says Fabrice Le Parc, founder and CEO of Smartdate. “In a previous survey we discovered that women whose names end in A are more sexually active.”

Could this be true? Is there more to a name than meets the ear? Or is it just pure coincidence? I am hoping it is coincidence just so people will quit laughing at me around the station. So where does your name rank? You will need to click below. By the way don't bother looking for Bruce anywhere near the top.