A student from Indiana University named Julian was on Wheel of Fortune Friday night. He had a shot to win a million dollars after the wheel landed on the million dollar prize. He first needed to answer a puzzle with all the letters turned.

The answer was "Mythological Hero Achilles".

Poor Julian didn't know how to pronounced "Achilles" though. He pronounced it "AY-chill-ess".

Yeah, that kid is in college y'all.

And it gets even better as he also had a chance to win a car later on. There was a puzzle that was fairly obvious. The answer was "On-the-Spot Decision". However, good ole genius Julian guessed "On-the-Spot Dicespin".

Here's the video evidence of what went down on The Wheel. (He loses the million dollars at the 1:36 mark, the car at 4:33 and the "dice spin" guess is at 5:30.)