I have always had an issue with my weight, fortunately I have found www.nodiet.com and the Liquid Protein you hear me talk about on the radio. That has helped me a lot in losing inches off my body. Now what about those other members of the family that have packed on the pounds? Our four legged friends, what can we do to slow down the epidemic of fat cats and doughy dogs? We've got your answers.

As more Americans confront their own weight issues, furry housemates increasingly struggle alongside them. New data due out this week indicate the problem is reaching epidemic proportions, with more than half of U.S. dogs and cats now overweight or obese

I think if both humans and their pets got out for walks a lot more often then we'd both be better off. I know at our house we usually just let the dog go roam in the back yard. He usually winds up falling asleep right by the door until we let him in. Mission not accomplished huh?

(via When Man's Best Friend Is Obese - WSJ.com.)