Rascal Flatts has a song about it, some of us grew up in places just like it, and almost all of us have spent time watching what goes on there. What is it I am speaking of? It's Mayberry. The mythical hometown of Sheriff Andy Taylor, Aunt Bea, Opie, Barney Fife and a host of others that through the Andy Griffith Show allowed us to celebrate small town life on TV.

The characters on the Andy Griffith Show grew to be more like family members than TV characters. They were the family members that dropped by your house every week or whenever Braves Baseball had a rain delay. We came to know these characters on a  personal level. We empathized with their plight and probably saw a lot of ourselves reflected in their small town lives and situations that played out on a flickering black and white TV screen.

Andy was the great compromiser. It was if he was blessed with the wisdom of Solomon and the detective instincts of Sherlock Holmes. Barney Fife was the neurotic, high strung, by the book lawman that often let his ego get in the way of his common sense. Aunt Bea Taylor was everybody's Aunt. She baked pies, grew roses, kept house and every now and then got a little tipsy on Indian Elixir. Opie was every small town kid. He rode his bike, he played baseball and fished and he idolized his father.

There were other friendly faces we found along the not so congested streets of Mayberry. There was Floyd the Barber, Goober Pyle the mechanic, his cousin Gomer Pyle who later went on to become a United States Marine. We had Mayor Pike and Mayor Stoner who were the prototype of the small town politicians. Otis was the town drunk whose weekend benders kept Andy's jail in business.

From out in the hills surrounding Mayberry Ernest T.Bass made sure that the local glass company had plenty to do and Briscoe Darling and his family provided a unique soundtrack of mountain music every time they came to town.

This was Mayberry. This was a reflection of growing up in a small town and these characters found a way into our hearts because in many ways they were us. The folks at Playbuzz.com created a little test to help us determine what Andy Griffith Show Character we were most like. I took the test yesterday and you'll never guess who I turned out to be. If you're a fan of the Andy Griffith Show you should take the test too.

If you were wondering who I turned out to be, just call me Aunt Bea Mikells.