That gosh darn Les Miles has done it again! He has made somebody mad just by doing what he seems to do every week he puts a team on the field. Les and his LSU Tigers won another college football game again on Friday and would you believe it somebody isn't happy about the way they did it. Arkansas head coach and partial grown man, Bobby-leave-you-in-the-middle-of-the-night-for-another-team-Petrino, didn't like the way Les and the Tigers won Friday's battle for the boot. 

This comes just one week after and ESPN commentator questioned Les for telling his team to take a knee in the final five minutes of the game with Ol' Miss. By the way there is a back story on why LSU took the knee with so much time to go. There are other stories floating around about a Freshman quarterback who ran a play not called from the sideline earlier in the drive. Regardless LSU will be traveling with a lot of fans to Atlanta Georgia for next weekends SEC Championship game against the Georgia Bulldogs. Let's hope Les and the Tigers can with without hurting anyone else's feelings.