We all love office gossip don't we? Actually no we don't that would be wrong and in total disagreement with what we truly believe, yeah RIGHT! So not that you would ever be nosy or sneaky or want to know about any clandestine love affairs where you work, but just in case you did, the answers might be in the stars. A persons astrological sign might give you clues as to who is really working overtime and who is working it, overtime.

Want to know which signs say they’re doing overtime but are really indulging in antics of a much more personal nature? Read on to find out which signs work their way to the top and which signs sleep their way there. Who knows, you could have been going to your colleague for work advice when they’ve been your soul mate all along!

Here comes my disclaimer, I don't know if this astrology stuff really works but a lot of folks seem to swear by it, you make the call. If you choose to believe it fine, if you think it's a load of horse hooey, well that's okay too. It still makes for an interesting read.