I am not a professional mind reader, predictor of the future or even good guesser but even I can read the signs for this weekend. Guys here is what is going to happen beginning later today and through the first part of next week. Your lady, your wife, your girlfriend is going to tell you, not ask you, but tell you she is going to the movies with her girlfriends.

You will think you have just scored a major coup and will have the house to yourself for a couple of hours. But here is the real truth, she is stepping out to see another man. Actually to see a bunch of other men in the new movie Magic Mike.

The movie has sparked quite a debate here at the Dawg studios, not about male dancers but about Matthew Mcconaughey and his Magic Mike Co-Star Channing Tatum. The controversy, Who is the REAL hottie? Take our poll and you tell us which fellow makes your spidey senses tingle.