Wait didn't we already decide who that was? Well for the TV show portion of American Idol we did but now comes the real battle. In case you haven't figured it out, American Idol is a months long commercial to sell records and music to the American music buying public. You thought it was a singing competition? Really? The people behind American Idol are in the business of selling records and making money and it doesn't matter who wins the competition, Taylor Hicks and  Lee DeWyze ring a bell? The Idol machine is going to put money and material in front of the person they think can bring the most return on their investment. That being said, Who will the real Idol winner be? Scotty McCreery or Lauren Alaina.

 I personally like both performers and if you read the Yahoo article associated with this post you will find out a dirty little secret about Country Radio. Country Radio broadcasters in big cities and places that aren't the heartland don't really like country music. I for one hope that both of these young performers are given the songs and the support to show the world their talent. I am also very proud to say that here at 97.3 The Dawg, we play country music and are darn proud of that fact.