Of course we are super excited that the 2013 Super Bowl will be held in New Orleans on Feb 3,  but we were wondering-who pays for that? Is it us, the citizens of Louisiana? The cost for the Big Easy to beat out Miami was $6 million -- all coming from the Louisiana Office of Tourism, which is under Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne.

"We project that the Super Bowl is going to yield $450 million in an economic impact to the Greater New Orleans area and to Louisiana, so it's a great investment," said Dardenne.

Ok, I agree that the Super Bowl in our great state is exciting and will bring people that never even THOUGHT about visiting us a chance to see how awesome we are, but the economic impact is not necessarily going to be great for Shreveport, Lake Charles, or even us here in Acadiana. But we still have to pay for it with our tax dollars, right? Thoughts?