Known for his trademark red, white, and blue striped guitar, Buck Owens was a pioneer of the "Bakersfield Sound" and is one of the most beloved country music artists of all time. But did you know Buck recorded two of his greatest hits on December 1st?

On December 1, 1964, Buck Owens recorded classic hits "Cryin' Time" and "I've Got A Tiger By The Tail" in an afternoon recording session at Capitol Recording Studios in Hollywood.

Released in December of 1964, "I've Got A Tiger By The Tail" became the 6th no. 1 single for Owens' and the Buckaroos and is widely considered one of Owens' biggest hits.

Legend has it that the idea for the iconic song came to Owens during a writing session with Country Music Hall of Fame songwriter Harlan Howard. The session was not going smoothly when Owens spotted an Esso gas station sign with the slogan "Put a little tiger in your tank". The rest is history.