Here in South Louisiana we can usually find a lot of reasons to celebrate. We celebrate food, cooking, music, sunshine, sports, and then it starts to get strange. We have entire celebrations dedicated to creatures big and small. We celebrate oil, we celebrate trees and today we should be celebrating Alexander Popov.

You're probably thinking Alexander Popov must have been the guy who invented the stuffed pistolette. Well that would be a good reason to love him but no he didn't come up with that great South Louisiana Food find. Alexander Popov is indirectly responsible for how you spend about 3 hours of your work day.

Thanks to Alexander Popov you will know what to wear this morning. You will decide whether or not you need an umbrella. You will find out when Uncle Kracker is playing and how to get free tickets for Disney on Ice. Did you figure it out  yet?

It was on this day March 24th in 1896 that Alexander Popov along with Guglielmo Marconi demonstrated the world's first radio broadcast. His signal was slightly weaker than 97.3 The Dawg's but still broadcast from one building to another proved that information could be transported over airwaves. We aren't thinking that Alexandar Popov offered Free Tune Tuesdays or a Dierks Bentley Flyaway but I bet he did send out a long distance dedication to the guys in the building next door.