Pro football is a business, just like a radio station is a business. You have to protect your brand at all cost. I understand that but sometimes the NFL just gets a little loopy if you ask me. Remember last years " Who Dat" Fiasco? So you might be asking, whats all the hubub, bub?

Advertisers pay huge amounts of money to become an official sponsor of the NFL. In doing so, they buy the right to use league logos, game footage, branding and the trademarked phrases "Super Bowl" and "Super Sunday." Companies that don't pay the premium resort to "ambush marketing" to get around this, hence generic phrases like "big game" and the use of non-NFL jerseys and game footage.

Now to make sure I am offering full disclosure, we at 97.3 The Dawg make money by broadcasting the Saints games each year. We pay an ever increasing amount every year for the rights to carry the games. We think it is worth it from a business stand point and more so because we are fans too. Regardless I hope your Super Bowl, Big Game, Whatever you want to call it gathering is loads of fun and you make sure all of your guests get home safely after the game.