It's a beautiful day for driving, traffic is flowing smoothly and then suddenly  you are forced to come to a screeching halt. For the next several minutes traffic crawls at a snails pace and then suddenly you break into the clear. You look around, you wonder to yourself, "why did we slow down?"

There wasn't an accident, there was no road construction. Traffic just suddenly slowed and just as suddenly picked right back up to the posted speed. What the heck just happened?

Leave it to the Japanese to demonstrate the shock wave effect. This is what happens when one driver is driving slight slower or another driver is driving slightly faster that the flow of traffic. This is why we bunch up on the basin bridge and spend a lot of time crawling down Highway 90.

Here is my question to you, what is your bigger peeve, Drivers who drive to slow, or drivers who drive too fast? Which one is the most likely to cause an accident?