It seems that the Who Dat Nation aren’t the only ones unhappy with the release, or now trade, of former New Orleans Saints running back Darren Sproles. Michel Sproles, Darren’s wife, apparently took her frustrated feelings to Instagram and put the Saints front office on blast.

Sproles was originally gonna be cut from the team to become a free agent, until the Saints decided to trade him to the Philadelphia Eagles for a 5th-round draft pick. Michel Sproles then took her feelings to Instagram by saying:

I am so disappointed in the Saints organization and the way they are treating my husband. To verbalize to him that they will release him so at least he can choose the team he wants to spend his last few years in the NFL on & then take it back is #$@%#’ed up.

I then decided to do a little research on this matter by viewing Michel Sproles’ Instagram profile. She said on one post that she didn’t say these things. Maybe she decided to delete the post. Or is she telling the truth? You be the judge? I can understand her frustration, as I am one of the fans that did not want to see him go. Here is the Instagram post saying that she did not say that.