It must be good to be Willie Nelson. You can basically flaunt the law, pay a fine and your legend just gets bigger and bigger. Do you remember when Willie Nelson's bus was stopped in St. Martin Parish? They found marijuana then and did Willie spend any time in jail? No he didn't. Willie was recently busted in Texas with enough pot that would have warranted felony charges for regular folks. Mysteriously the amount of contraband found reduced itself to misdemeanor status while no one was looking. Now Willie has skated the law again. This time a $500 dollar fine and he is on the road again. To be truthful would locking up Willie Nelson really do anybody any good? No, not really but it does send a message that if you happen to be rich, famous or both then the law doesn't apply to you. It's almost like being Insurance Commissioner or Secretary of State in Louisiana,  you can do the crime and never worry about doing the time.