Well, hello everyone!  It’s been a few weeks since I’ve sat down to write some of my thoughts but unfortunately, there hasn’t been too much to really write about.  As you may or may not remember, I have signed up for my first ultra-marathon.  Since I will turn 50 in October, I signed up to run a 50K in Huntsville TX in Feb 2018. That’s 31.06 miles to you metric challenged folks.  By the way, the .06 is probably more important that the 31 or I’ll be staring at a finish line with nothing to show for it. I have been running all summer but mostly no more than 3 miles here and an occasional 4 miles there.  As you are aware by now, it’s been POOYIE hot out there.  Whether it’s a humid hot Louisiana morning run or skin searing humid hot run in the afternoon…. HOT IS HOT!!!

Let’s start with the good news.  I have a training plan. Well, that pretty much sums up the good news!

Now with the bad news.  Just when I started to get a little confident, I thought why not try a “2 fer”.  Football players have 2 practices a days, right…why not me?  Well, let’s just say that was not one of my smarter decisions I have made.  A few weeks back, it was a Sunday morning and I ran about 3 miles from home and although the humidity was like running through soup, it felt pretty good.  Later that afternoon, many of my running friends meet at a local “watering hole” in Lafayette for a group run so I thought a short second run wouldn’t hurt.  Boy was I wrong!  As I was running along wearing my Idiots Running Club Shirt… yes, it is a real club folks…

Staff Photo

I wasn’t even finished with the 1st mile and I had a knot in my right calf. I immediately stopped, turned around and slowly began to walk back to where we started so I could drown a few of my sorrows in a cold adult beverage.  Here is where I either earned my membership in the Idiots Running Club or I had to turn in my membership card.  Some said I earned the shirt by trying to run a 2nd time in a day and others said I needed to turn in my shirt for doing something smart, like stopping before I hurt myself more.  I like to think I it was a little of both.  What do you think?  By the way, I’m doing fine, thanks for asking. (This is an inside joke for those who know me)

So, stay tuned for more future tales from running the roads. Even though there wasn’t much to report since the last time, I hope that you got something out of this. If nothing else, remember to never give up.  Whatever you may be going through, whether it’s training for a 5k or any other distance, making positive life changes, or going through some tough times, never give up and continue to plug away.  I learned this phrase from a running friend many years ago and it has become an anthem for myself and how I encourage others to reach their goals, Relentless Forward Motion. Just like the way I run, you might be a turtle trying to run through peanut butter, but never stop moving forward. You might get knocked down or slowed down, but continue to move forward, no matter how slow you go…. just go!!  Regardless of what your goal is, BE THE BEST PERSON YOU CAN BE!

Until next time, if you see me out there running, give me some encouragement.  If you see me passed out on the side of the road, please stop and turn off my GPS then call 911.  Be safe y’all.