According to a new article in the "Wall Street Journal," Women, quote, "do almost everything better" than men. The article's not just talking about vacuuming and manipulating.

--Women are better investors than men. They're better at management. They're better at politics.

What makes this so?

--Women are willing to admit they're not geniuses. Most men aren't.

Really, I'm not a genius?  That is a shocker!

-- "A lot of research suggests that men think they know what they're doing, even when they really don't."

Again, I do know what I'm doing.  That's why I fail at so many ideas I have!

-- That overconfidence makes men take much bigger risks; while those will work out for some men... and give them the MOST wealth and success of anyone in the world. It still makes countless men crash and burn

-- Women have less overconfidence so, overall, they're on a steadier course. In the study, women's returns on investments beat men's by 1%.. which is a huge amount in the investment world.

Do I really think women "Do Almost Everything Better" Than Men?  Well I'm not quite sure.

For instance, they don't pile dishes as high as I can.

The don't have as messy of a house as I get the deal!  Yes, women are great.